The Walking Dead Season 2 Part 2 Anticipation

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

So when we last left off Season 2 Part 1 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the caravan shutdown, the were by a herd of Walkers, Andrea had a close call with the Winabago Walker and Sophia was scared off by the interstate walker, Carl   is shot while looking for Sophia with Rick and Shane .   So it seems things went a little crazy all in the very first episode of TWD. Oh T. Dog went and got himself seriously cut from avoiding the walker herd on the interstate vehicle graveyard.

We later learn that the barn on Hershel’s property is filled with walkers, which he believes can be cured and are still people. What an idiot that clown is. So feeling unsafe and the “self appointed man for the job”  we leave off with Shane hot headed as always, finishing off the walkers in Hershel’s barn.  

This upsets Rick and loses faith with Hershel, the group is falling apart and Rick can’t seem to hold any of it

together, especially with Lori. All this now leads to is what we were hoping for all season, “what has happened to little Sophia”? Otis has found her and put her in the barn, which we probably would have know if Shane (dumb ass) hadn’t shot him and left him for dead with the High School walkers.  So it is really clear to us now that Shane isn’t playing for keeps and will do just about anything to preserve his life and the life of Carl and Lori, not sure about Rick or Dale being that he almost took Rick out in the woods and was caught by Dale. Andrea has now taken a shine to Shane, (so to speak) and Dale is worried about this too.  Saying ” Is this who you want to be?”

     I am pretty sure when the dust clears Dale will have a word with Rick or two about Shane’s mental state and unpredictability.

So we find Sophia finally and Rick finally steps up to make that hard choice no one in the group wanted to think about if they found Sophia as a walker and puts her to rest.

     The issues they face now are what will Hershel decide to do with them, will he eject them from his farm?

Will more walkers show up forcing Hershel to have Rick stay and defend the Farm, or will Rick and the group pack up and leave. Eventually find that lost friend Rick made in Season 1, (remember Morgan and his son)? Will Maggie end up leaving with Glenn…?

And still no sign of Meryl, Daryl’s brother…. a lot of loose ends were left in Season 2 Part 1.

Will Rick step his game up and become that leader the group obviously sees in Shane but with more compassion and a level head? It has been a great ride and can only get better from here right?  It has great writers and a real gripping humanitarian story behind it, the walkers are just background elements.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Part 2 Premieres February 12th on AMC.


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