Posted: December 7, 2010 in Zombie News
When I first heard AMC was doing a series on THE WALKING DEAD GRAPHIC NOVEL, I was ecstatic!
There are many, many Zombie Genre movies and shorts out there, but this Series proved to be just as smart and well written as the Graphic Novel.  The way the characters are placed in this world, and interact with each other, you have to wonder who the real threat is in this post (and I used the term sparingly) apocalyptic world.  I shared this viewing pleasure with my
brother Loki, (Next to myself another true ZOMBIE FAN) Thanks Loki!
The Series starts off with two Deputy Sheriffs Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his partner Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal), the dialog is really amazing between the two, you get the sense that they are true buddies, brothers if you will and have each other’s back in anything they get involved with.
When Rick is shot during a car chase and suspect capture is where the real intensity begins, only till the last episode do we see what really went on in the hospital Rick was left in as Shane fails to rescue his partner. Rick is left to figure out on his own, and still can not understand the grand scale of what has happened in this City. The only sense we get is true and utter fear as he makes his way to find his family. A very power performance by Andrew Lincoln, the writers handle it with
care and ease and super intensity. These guys know what they are doing, and in essence draw you in closer to the reality about to befall these group of people, we are slowly but carefully introduced to.
During the first few episodes I found some interesting characters I really began to like and of course dislike.
Jeffrey DeMunn who plays Dale has that great-uncle, Grandpa sort of quality and it really show through
on how he cares for his camp and the member that reside (not for long) safely within it. He is sharp and to the point, but with a little tact and empathy. He lost someone too as we learn later on.
The other characters, the two beautiful blondes Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Amy (Emma Bell) were in their own right
just as powerful, sisters left in a world where they need to look after each other, made for some gripping tension.
Our little friend Glen (Steven Yeun) although very much afraid handled his role with his new community with reverence and when the time was right new-found courage. I  applaud the performance of all the cast, the did an amazing job.After watching last nights finale episode, I couldn’t help but feel a little sadness the series has come to a close (for now).
And that we still never get a sense of what is really going to  happen to our new friends, lost in a world where they can’t understand, why and how this is all possible.
I am glad we are left with a sense of dread at the end of episode 6 so that we ourselves might continue to paint a picture of what will happen next.
I’ve read the Graphic Novel and even though it is not a play by play in the series (which I am thankful) it gave a new spin on how art and a well written story plays out on the home screen.  It was a refreshing new series well done and I will miss this until it appears again October 2011.
I hope there are more fans out there, so this series continues to thrive and keep the Zombie Invasion coming!
All photos courtesy of AMC The Walking Dead website
  1. Loki Sterling says:

    Great job! Thanks for viewing it with me as well! This “new” zombie phenomenon is bringing in a generation that should really appreciate what we loved our entire lives! Well done!

  2. Diane Joao says:

    Simply put, this rocks! I love The Walking Dead.

  3. Lil Sis says:

    This is very well put together and thought out… I love it bro, way to go! 🙂

  4. McCarthy says:

    Episode 6 did a good job of what our pal Don calls “good news, bad news” storytelling. It’s interesting how, without fail, the humans’ worst enemy is not the zombies, but each other.

    • pitroick says:

      I agree,
      And thank you all for the support
      My first time and I hope I get the hang of this blog thing
      Stay Tuned
      Keep looking out
      I hope to make this better as I learn this

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